Glamour Golfing – Ronne Nr. 2 in Silk

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Blouse Ronne Nr 9 by How to do Fashion

Sometimes the unplanned and unexpected projects are the best. The idea for the project was born gradually. The first idea was developed when I came home from meeting the Karlotta Pink crew. I had the thought that Ronne No 9 from How to do Fashion would harmonize perfectly with the Shanderi silk from Karlotta Pink. And for the first time, I would immediatly make a pattern second time. For good reason, though. Because Ronne number one is a bit small due to choosing the wrong size, the blouse had not been fited and as pretty as the blouse is, the fabric scratches at the seams and is not very suitable for everyday use, more a pretty test model.

The fabric was bought quickly, buying is always quicker and less complicated, but then the project stopped and I was sewing other things. Only when I decided to sew another skirt blouse set in white-pink and a matching short white trousers (classic vintage summer set), I felt a strong desire to start the blouse.

This time I chose a 38 and the blouse was adjusted. For the blouse of my Burda Style Talent 2018 Kleid the most important thing was to finish the blouse quickly. I wasn’t quite sure how well the organza would take several rippings.


The adjustments

  • At the front I added 3 cm, because I had already noticed with the first blouse that it was a bit short at the front or precisely ending in the waist and was no farbic over, so that if I moved  the blouse wandered  upwards and the waist of the blouse would be everwere exept where it should be.
  • At the back I didn’t add any length.
  • Furthermore, I made the darts a little flatter at the back and longer. Otherwise there would have been a lot of bumps and humps in combination with the added 3 cm more length. (that I later removed again to original length)
  • Whenever I write I changed something, I should actually mention that my sewing instructor has adapted and pinned everything and then I would sew and have it checked again if the changes were good.

The remaining sewing was quite normal: Rolled hem for the seams, French seams for the sides and shoulder seams and everything else is finished with bias tape. However, when I was sewing, I noticed how much more comfortable the fabric was for sewing (in comparison to organza). Despite its stiffness, the Shanderi silk, my new fabric, is at the same time super soft and comfortable to touch and wear.

The last detail to the blouse was a matching belt, with a matching belt buckle from the large buckle assortment, which was given to mum and me at christmas by my sister.

The Jeans Shorts

In the meantime I also sewed the shorts from white jeans (unfortunately not 100% nontransparent, but almost). Luckily, I didn’t have to adjust the cut and was able to take over the changes from the previous model. Here you can find the original model that dates back to the beginning of my sewing time and therefore has the zipper on the wrong side, so that I always put on the pants wrong at first until I notice that something doesn’t fit.

Unfortunately I messed up when transferring the darts and ironing on the seam tape and now the inside of the fabric is on the outside at the front. After consultation with my sewing course instructor, and since it is also not particularly noticeable, I have decided to leave it.

Out of laziness (my overlock is not in working order) I decided to finish everything inside with bias tape. I love it when it is not simply overlocked. A invisible zipper is on the side and a bias band has been used instead of a waistband on the top. I wanted to keep the shorts as plain as possible.

Since my knitting experiments have so far failed miserably and I realized that there is a vintage shop in Lucerne, I had to visit it immediately and bought this cardigan and this is now one of my few warm pieces that can be combined with my vintage dresses.

The Shirt

For the slightly transparent blouse I absolutely needed a suitable shirt. I don’t think that a bra under transparent blouses is very chic and wouldn’t fit the style at all. At first I thought I’d just change an already sewn blouse pattern. However, the test model looked terrible. So I rummaged through Burda’s from the 50’s and found out: Spaghetti dresses were not very common. You will find one or the other transparent chiffon blouse, but only the blouse pattern without the matching shirt. I then took an overall pattern as a basis and simply omited the trousers component. And added a lot of width at the side seams, because it was a very small size, the alternative top pattern of a dress was even smaller. Unfortunately, the shirt wasn’t sewn on one evening as hoped. The fit was fine-tuned in the sewing course. But in the end, the biggest drama was the straps.


At first I wanted to use wide straps to be able to wear a bra if necessary and to cover the straps. But the wide straps were too short and optically very clumsy. Then I picked out the previously discarded narrow straps again and sewed them on. While photographing the outfit I noticed, however, that these are too short and especially at the back the shirt started at an unpleasant place of the shoulder blade. So I sewed new straps so that I could replace the short ones. With the longer straps the shirt is perfect.

And why glamour golfing? It’s very simple to explain. The first time I put on the complete outfit before taking pictures, I threw myself into the classic golfer pose and said it would be perfect for glamorous mini golf. Swing the bat a little, sip some champagne and check out the other players from the deckchair.

And after so successfully sewing a pretty blouse out of Shanderi silk, I stocked up again with other fabrics of this kind during my last visit to Karlotta Pink. This category was replenished with new fabrics and there were so many colors and fabrics that exactly fall into my style and colour palette (my fabric budget for June has already been used up). All I wanted were two sarong fabrics. However, I already have the first concrete plan for one of the fabrics and hope to be able to squeeze out my dream model from the 2 meters of fabric.

life is hard

Conclusion: I am still very enthusiastic about the pattern Ronne No 9 from How to do Fashion (otherwise there would be no second variation) and this time the fit is also perfect and the fabric is so wonderfully soft to wear on the skin, no comparison with the polyester organza. And the shorts are still a practical style for me for simple high waist shorts without a lot of frills (I have no use for trouser pockets anyway). The top is working now but will remain a unique piece (the whole cut of the jumpsuit is totally cute, but I don’t wear that because it is so impractical).

Pattern: Blouse Nr 9 Ronne by How to do Fashion, Shorts Neuer Schnitt 05/1964, Top Burda 06/1957

Fabric: Blouse: Shanderi Silk by Karlotta Pink (this fabric isn’t availabel online anymore but there are very pretty new fabrics), Shorts: white Jeans, Shirt: viscose in creme



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