Leo Hudson Pants by true bias

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I have sewn this pair of pants in the course of the Homewear Sew-Along. But my outfit idea was not successful. Both clothing items, my zebra hoodie and these leo pants, are statement garments and together are just a bit “much” together.

I bought the pattern (Hudson Pants by true bias), because I was looking for a jogging pants cut for me. That meant: not too loose fitting, with some great details and most of all preferably from a pattern designer I already had positive experiences with in the past. In the final selection were finally the “No Sweats Pants” by Indie Sew and the “Hudson Pants” by true bias. Due to my last criterion, it became the latter pattern and I do not regret the choice at all.

Sizing: The pants are true to size, although my fabric may have bin a bit stiff. The length fits me perfectly with my 1.66 m. For the woven version you have to choose 2 sizes bigger, but on that another time more.

Fabric choice: The Leo fabric is a summer sweat with relativ little stretchability. Therefore, the pants sits a bit closer than the product image. Due to lack of elasticity, I had to recut the cuffs: They have become trapezoids. Apart from the fact that I have omitted the buttonholes, this was the only change.

Fabric quantity: Requires 1.20m of fabric for the long version, with not a lot of scraps left.

Sewing pattern: The sewing pattern is now a favorite pattern or true bias is just one of my favorite pattern brands. The pattern is well constructed, the pattern paper is well designed and can be cut out. Overall, 1 cm seam allowance is included. And the instructions are clearly formulated. Absolut recommendation.

We took photos near the train station – as the photos suggest. When we were on the lookout for a suitable location, I noticed that the gate to the wagons was open. No idea if this is normal, a “forbidden sign” sign did not exist in any case. Unfortunately, an elderly man was just leaving his garbage on the parking lot nearby. Nevertheless, we then wandered so far into the area until he did not see us anymore. And still I had a squizzy feeling in my stomach. That’s why this time there are no detail photos. Instead some photos of me jumping around.

While typing these words, I’m wearing my leo Hudson pants, and I have to say that if I had an opportunity to wear comfortable sweatpants more often, I would immediately sew the next pair.

Conclusion: TNT. That’s it.

Sewing Pattern: Hudson Pants by true bias

Fabric: 1,20 m of leo summer sweat. Also used by my mom to sew a sweater jacket.

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