Birds as Inspiration: The Woodpecker in Red, Black and White

(auf Deutsch lesen)


First I thought this will be very easy. Red, Black and White, beautiful colours, a sporty look, something like a hoody or sweater… I chose a simple pattern from an German sewing magazine and started. But my jacked looked very, very boring. Now, you know, things which do not work out have to wait for better days, I mean better ideas. So I finished the peacock first.

Afterwards I fought a funny lining could brush up my jacket. I had a piece of beige sweat with beetles on it, and thought: this would be perfect. I originally made a college-jacket from the Blutsgeschwister sewing book with it some time ago. But I did not wear it, it feels strange for me, or the colours do not work. I am not quite sure …

​The woodpecker likes beetles for its meal, a nice narrative completition for my project. First, I pinned the a half of the lining on my tailor`s dummy (the jacket was on it) and it looked a little bit surprising, but beautiful. My daughter Anna was at home to sew her Aborigine-Print Jacket. She found that beige beetle sweat and the red piece on it looks good. My husband liked it too. After a few days I thought: thats it , asymetrical, without kangoroo-baskets. I needed a red piece of colour on the other side, another one on my backside and it was perfect.

And the woodpecker? We often saw him and her often in wintertime, but they never came together. Peacocks are loner. They eat beetles and their larvas, nuts, seed. During the care of the brood, they eat eggs and little birds as well. In wintertime their food consit of spruce seed and pine seed. They live in the wood all over the North of Europe. The woodpecker cannot keep hold on nuts with his feet. It needs a so called Woodpecker-forge: a hole or gap in the tree there it could put the nut and open it. You can see that on our pictures. We cannot only see the woodpecker, we can hear Mr. woodpecker. After it finished his cave, it starts druming. It could only drum on old knots or hollow trees. But sometime it tooks gutters as well. The lady woodpecker answers with druming, but only if it likes his way of druming.

Conclusion: I like it. Due to the changes it became something special. Instead of a zipper, I used kam snaps.

Fabric: Sweat and pieces of jersey in black and red. Overall about 1,60 m.

Pattern: Sweatjacket from a German sewing magazine( Anna extra NähstyleAE201, 2016 model 28E)

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