Birds as Inspiration – The Beautiful Peacock

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*** Cooperation with Karlotta Pink ***

Indien türkis1

Where do you take a peacock picture?” That was the first question I heard from Sabine. The answer was: “At the zoo“. The peacock became part of my collection of birds, becathat is perfect: The peacock comes originally from India (he is its national animal) and Ceylon. It lives in the jungle, but it can live in other climates too.


Everytime I was talking about a bird for inspiration, I noticed that I did not know very much about them. I remembered the beautiful peacock in the zoo. My father tried to take a picture when the peacock was fanning out its tail. That was not so easy, because the peacock is walking round. But we were very proud, if dad got a perfect picture.

There are a lot of stories about the peacock and its not so nice voice. One of them tells the story about how the nightingale and the peacock became friends. The nightingale lived in the woodd. It was a perfect singer, but no other bird liked her, because the other animals are jealous. So the nightingale went away on a long journey. One day it met the peacock. The peacock did not have a nice voice, but his feathers are beautiful. So they became friends.


Tthe voice of the peacock is really something special. We met a chicken breeder once, he had a lot of other animals too. A goat for example and rabbits, and he told us that he has had a peacock. But the peacock sometimes cried one hour without a break and the man couldn’t stand it. This is interesting, because this man had sometimes 30 young cockerels and young cockerels crow every day eary in the morning, starting at 4 o clock. This is very loud and can be a bit like a challenge. We had once only 4 young cockerels and our vistors could not sleep very well…(and we too).


My Outfit: I talked a lot about the peacock, but not (yet) about my outfit. I did a very simply pattern from Anna Extra Simplicity Meine Nähmode easy 2017 model 1 and  trouseres from La mia Boutique July 2000 model 39 (already sewn and blogged once as part of my Pisces Outfit). The tunic without seperate sleeves worked quite well. I did the blouse with sleeves (model 2) before and the sleeve pattern is really useless. You do’nt need a curved upper edge, when the sleeve-pattern could be a rectangle. But back to my peacock-tunic: I found two fabrics in the right colour for the trousers in my cupboard. This trousers were my testmodel, but it suited quiet well and looked so nice, that I decided stick to this fabric. I also included the turquoise in the neckline and the arms to fresh up my tunic. It looks very indian and I stitched pearls to make the look perfect.

Conclusion: A really summerlook, very nice to wear.

Fabric: Tunic: indian blockprint sponsered for this project by Karlotta Pink; Trousers:  turquios fabric from my cupboard

Pattern: Anna Extra Simplicity Meine Nähmode Easy 2017 model 2, La mia Boutique July 2000 model 39


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