My new favourite Vintageoutfit for Spring • Karlotta Pink Summer Fabrics

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*** Cooperation with Karlotta Pink ***


Typical for me are vintage, clear lines and lush colors. So when it was time to sew a blouse for Karlotta Pink’s latest fabric collection from India, I was not inspired at first, because the colours seemed relatively cold, but then I spontaneously had an idea for this green fabric.

To find fabric that matched the colours of the blouse developed into a little drama, but more about that later. The pattern of the blouse is self-constructed, because I had fallen in love with a no longer available Simplicity Schnitt 1624, a very similar pattern was reissued by Simplicity, but due to my last experience I became a bit cautious with regard to fit. It should be a figure-hugging blouse and not a nightgown.

The Blouse

For this reason I set about reconstructing the pattern myself. That sounds a lot more awesome than it was. Since I prefer to adapt existing models out of pure laziness rather than develop a pattern myself, I am not particularly experienced at it. Despite everything, the model didn’t seem particularly complicated to me. It is fitted, with crossed straps running out of the bust point at the top. So I copied my basic top pattern in half size on paper, closed the dart with adhesive tape and then sketched out my desired pattern lines. Than cut it appart, balanced out as required and moved darts. Since the small version looked good, I repeated the whole thing in original size in paper (my pattern looked very wild, hundreds of lines, tape, dented and crinkled). The normal sizee model also looked good, so I switched to a fabric model for testing on myself. A few small things still had to be adapted, but otherwise my pattern fit quite well.

The Fabric Desaster

Actually it shouldn’t have been a search for the perfect fabric for the skirt, because I wanted to use a lime green satin (already used in this burdatop), because the fabric is always available at my regular fabric shop. They didn’t have the fabric at the time, but it was supposed to arrive soon. So I went the next weekends again and again to the fabric store: No luck. (They still don’t have it.) Then I went on a trip to Zurich (lots of fabric shops there) and I was sure I’d find something. But: Nothing.

A little annoyed and under time pressure, due to the meeting of the #karlottapinkcrew in Augsburg I ordered 5 different green fabrics from buttinette before Easter. You can never say 100% if the screen colour corresponds to the real colour of the fabric. And I just didn’t want “okay”, I wanted perfect (at that time I was really obsessed with the right material for the skirt).

Grünes Set 5
Photo by Bernhard Weizenegger

Due to Easter and the following holidays there was of course a delay, but the package arrived just in time on the weekend before my next sewing course. This was important for adjusting the hem length. And in the package were even three possible fabrics, I then decided for the most harmonious combination with the kiwi green cotton-linen blend. I immediately threw my stack of green fabrics into the washing machine and could finally start with the skirt. As a pattern I used a skirt part of a dress from the magazine “Neue Schnitt” 6/1956, which I also want to sew as a whole dress.

Eight panels that form a semicircle and two spacious pockets that make it easy to store a smartphone. I have once again given free rein to my penchant for complex lining and lined each individual piece separately (according to instructions from a book by Lynda Maynard). All seams are beautifully sealed and it looks very nice. In the sewing course I had of course successfully destroyed my first zipper. Zipper number two didn’t get destroyed, but was not as pretty as the first attempt. The hem is trimmed with a bias ribbon and sewn with a witch stitch. It looks really pretty, but takes forever and I cursed myself pretty quickly, while I watched some amusing TV show.


In the week before I had sewn the blouse.Because the pattern was already fitted, it was a quick sew. I just had to take care that the print wasn’t out of the middle when I cut it. Since I want to wear the blouse in summer without a bra, I have completely lined it with batiste. It is also not quite easy to find a bra that is actually completelly hidden.

And the jacket?

The jacket was originally planned for the red Dior Ensemble. But then it was a cut UFO for almost a year, before I was suddenly inspired to finish the jacket. Many thanks to Chrystal (@sewing_vortex) and the rest of the fabulous administrators of the FB group “Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests”, who declared a UFO month. With this jacket I sewed my very first lapel collar. Nothing else is particularly spectacular about this jacket, since it is my third jacket of this kind. Therefore I already have a certain routine to sew and line it up. Since my sister had struggled a lot with lining a sleeve properly, I took this jacket as an opportunity to document my procedure and write a little tutorial. Coming soon!

The first time I had worn the complete outfit together was the photoshooting in Augsburg and I love it. Some of the pictures are from the Fotoshooting in Augsburg and the rest ist made by mum.

Grünes Set 4
Love the fabric sorted by colour – Photo by Bernhard Weizenegger

Conclusion: The blouse will remain a unique piece, but the skirt pattern will certainly be repeated. And you never can have enough matching jackets for all this great summer dresses.

Schnitte: Blouse: selfdrafted – similar Pattern by Simplicity; Skirt: Neuer Schnitt 06/1956; Jacket: Beyer Mode 09/1960

Material: Blouse: IndienBLOCK Patternlove olive from Karlotta Pink – free of charge for this project; Skirt: cotton-linen blend in Kiwi from buttinette; Jacket: darkblue mat cotton satin from a local fabric store

Grünes Set 2
Photo by Bernhard Weizenegger

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