Favourite Books and Patterns: Blouse and Trousers from “Sewing in Japanese Style”

(auf Deutsch lesen)

Japanisch nähen Bluse und Hose
I got the book “Nähen im japanischen Stil ” from Shufu To Seikatsu Sha some years ago from my mother. She said: “That could be something for you. I did not sew something at once, but I traced a lot of the patterns for another time. Am not a fan of tracing when I actually want to start sewing.

I did not sew all the clothes, but some of them  and I like them very much. My absolute favorite piece are the trousers. I did them in different colours and fabrics and I wear them during summer more or less constantly. On the picture you see also the short blouse. My blouse is a little bit shorter than the original, because I had only a little piece of fabric left. It is an indian blockprint in a very nice colours combination. Another version is the blue blouse with the open sleeves. By blouses and tops the neckline is always too wide (for me). I hold it in or make some nice pleats.

Now lets talk about the book. Maybe you thought first it is a book like “How to do a Kimono” or something like that. But it is about modern and practical clothse. There are also nice pictures in it. The clothes are worn by japanese women in different ages: The stylist and the designer. Now I have to talk about  measurements. These women are petite and small. A taller women – maybe a little overweight also – has to take this into acount. It is very important for the designer that you can make different outfits of the various garments. They show you some looks and nice accessoires. For the remnants the book makes some suggestions as well. The clothes are made of linen, cotton, in classical colours and little patterns.

The book is only available in Japanese and German, but it includes really great illustrations, so that you can sew the clothes without needing to actually read the text.

Conclusion: I like that book. I made: the trousers, the short blouse, the top, a skirt, a raglan blouse (this did not really work, but maybe it is my fault). But don’t forget that the  proportions are taylored to the petite figures of asian women.

Fabric: blouse one indian blockprint bought from Karlotta Pink, a blue cottoncrepe from my cupboard, a linnen/cotton fabric bought by MyTex

Book: “Nähen im japanischen Stil” from Shufu To Seikatso Sha, 2012 Haupt Verlag, 25 projects in the sizes XS, S, M, L, two paperpattern (the patterns are without seam allowens); ISBN 978-3-258-60061-1

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