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Tasteful, well-groomed, cheerful and cultured, that’s the Taurus woman. Sometimes she is a bit addicted to pleasure and likes to surround herself with a touch of luxury. But she will never go beyond her circumstances. The Tarus is more driven by her emotions than her mind, but has a very strong in will. And through her toughness and stamina, she almost always achieves her goals. The Taurus’ own quest for possession also extends to her immediate surroundings: both in the circle of work and friends, as well as in love and family life, the Taurus woman is very possessive.

In her opinion, she is conservative and likes tradition. She is skeptical of new fashion trends. She values ​​good quality and careful execution. You will not find brilliant colors or eccentric patterns in her wardrobe. She consciously avoids flourishes or frills, she loves simple and classic. Blazer, trench coat, dress, costume, the elegant blouse, all in the best quality and rather unobtrusive colors. Of course, something traditional will also be in her wardrobe, but here it will not be the fashionable Minidirndl but the noble variant in linen or traditional pattern combinations.

Because she is very versatile, she is also well equipped for outdoor activities: jeans, hoody or even a chic hand knit sweater, practical, weatherproof jackets and appropriate footwear. On a hiking tour you will never catch Taurus women with sandals, ballerinas or similar. She loves to be comfortable, carefree and uncomplicated.

Extravagance and being fashionable daring is not her thing, she does not have the ambition to become a trendsetter, original ideas should not be expected, but she spares herself (and others) fashion mistakes and embarrassments. She knows what quality is in terms of material and design, and with her sure sense of style and her knack for the beauty of the fashion range, she finds out exactly what really fits her figure.

Today, to very differen sewing bloggers will talk about being (or not being) a typical Taurus woman: Ela (@ela_die_fauchi) and Alina (bachnixen).

Let’s start with Ela’s opinion: “The question “Am I a typical Taurus?” is for me difficult to answer. In many aspects of the horoscope, I find myself. Strong-willed, tough and persistent seems familiar to me. Even if something is very tricky, I somehow get my finish my sewing projects. UFOs are rare in my life.

But there are also aspects, where I can only shake my head … Simple? Ready for outdoor activities? Elegant blouse? Costume? I?? Costumes are a thing in my life only in Carnival. So clearly: No, that’s not me! Color plays a big role in my sewing projects. I like it colorful and extraordinary. I am not afraid of patterns and a pattern mix. An elegant blouse or costume are in my wardrobe, but in funky colors and/or colorful patterns. Even if I’d go hiking, I would rather wear a skirt or dress than trekking pants. It must be comfortable, but not look like that.

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Faschingsause gestern. Ganz ohne Worte unterwegs

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Therefore I was really excited to read about Dirndls and tradition – because that applies to more than 100%. I love and sew dirndl, traditional skirts and everything that has to do with it for my life. The integration of these traditional clothes in my daily clothes and the combination of traditional clothes with “normal” clothes is always exciting for me and brings me joy. Traditional clothes often look quite different in everyday life. Many notice only at second glance or not at all that it is part of my outfit. Also, the use of traditional costumes with non-typical fabrics is something I enjoy to do. A dirndl is too good to be worn just a few days a year.“, Ela, @ela_die_fauchi

And now the word goes to Alina: “Taurus women … they are just stubborn, right? We can be stubborn. Although: I would rather say that we Taurus women are persistent, stubborn, we stick to one thing, we find a way to get there, not always at the moment, but at some point …

Alina in her Clarisse

We are comfortable, a bit lazy, certainly not the most innovative and creative among the zodiac signs, but we are enjoyable, patient, close to nature, sensual, balanced and prudent. We are especially devoted to the beautiful things in life. So it is not surprising that many of us sooner or later come into contact with colors and get stuck with them. Be it in painting or as in my sewing shop!

I LOVE the colorful variety of my collection of materials, which is certainly larger than it should be! But even here, in the colors and shapes of the fabric patterns I love – as well as the patterns – no crazy experiments. I buy fabrics that I like, they can be timeless. The colors have to be appealing, the patterns as well as the cuts have to be suitable for everyday use.


I think that also  describes my selfsewn wardrobe best: suitable for everyday use! I like simple cuts that fit! I do not need “Schischi” and “Tütü”, no frills, the meaning of which does not reveal itself to me. My clothes, I sew to wear them. In the best case every day. And when it becomes something “nicer” or something “more elaborate”, I like it stylish. Simple elegance.“, Alina, bachnixen

Skirt Rapunzel.

Die Schnittmuster-Empfehlung aus den 60ern


She is an outspoken female representative of her gender, she does not care about masculinization. Courréges and fashion geometry are not found in her closet, she wants to be a woman – at work as well – and consciously emphasizes this with her clothes. She flirts with wide skirts. She knows how to move gracefully in them, likes to attract admiring glances through distinctive costume jewelery or elegant hats, and she has a keen sense for colors that she cleverly uses to present herself in the right (fashion) light.“, Neue Mode, 05/1966

And? Does that fit better? Ela’s opinion: “I am probably a typical bull of the 60s, I prefer to wear clothes and skirts, so perhaps I underline my “being a woman”. There are wide skirts or dresses, there are also some fashion jewelery and hats. “… has a pronounced sense for colors”, “… to put oneself in the right (fashion) light.”: Yes, that is me. The actual horoscope model, however, does not quite fit my tastes. I like the basic cut, but I would make a few personal adjustments. Overall, I think I’m a typical bull … but maybe from another time.“, Ela, @ela_die_fauchi

Cozy and very feminin.


It’s fun to put the outfits together, but sometimes it’s really difficult. Classic, but not boring. Our two Taurus ladies have both written about strong colors. In Ela’s case, no pants at all. Therefore, it has become a mix of strong, classic colors and yet small fashionable twists. A really great blouse in pink did not fit the rest of the color scheme, unfortunatelly …


Summer Outfit

  • Blazer: For great blazers, the monthly sewing magazine “Patrones” is the right place to go. A less strongly waisted variant would be the Caban jacket Schlendrian by Lotte & Ludwig.
  • Lace dress: The Jessica dress by Mimi G would have the right shape – and it’s free as well. A great option would be the Simplicity 8635 Jumpsuit in lace.
  • Retro Dress: Simplicity 8051 has the shape, although other options for the top. For the top of Gertie Hirsch offers the Rita blouse. Attach a circle skirt and the look is done.

Winter Outfit

  • Jacket: A duffle coat with detailed instructions by Grainline Studio. Alternatively a Burda model with a great hood.
  • Skirt: Pleated skirts can be sewn according to tutorials, but there are also cuts like e.g. the Capone.
  • Blouse: Due to the many positive feedback from various sewing bloggers an option would be the Pussy Bow blouse by Sew Over It. A bit oversize and with a more open neckline detail AND with and without sleeves is the Matcha Blouse by Sew Liberated.
  • Bag: Merchant & Mills Jack Tar Bag is very similar.

For us interesting is: Are you also one of the stubborn Taurus women? Did we describe the Taurus correct?


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