Tea for all Seasons – The Octopus Tablecloth

(in Deutsch lesen)


It takes time for actual spring weather to come along in this latitude. The people are already in their gardens. They are used to work outside in and with the nature. In our village live a lot of people, which were working as farmers all their life. Now they have given up their farms, but in the springtime you can see them outside all the time. They like working outside and maybe miss a little bit their old work. I personally prefer sewing at the moment. But I know there is much to do in the garden in the coming weeks.

In any case I am longing for light and colours after all that darkness. I enjoy the spring flowers, a few snowdrops. It is not so sure how many spring flowers are growing after winter: Our chickens are very busy during the snow period. But now they are out in the meadow and take a sunbaths.

Light, colour and freshness that is what my octopus tablecloth (or rather a very decorative center piece) is looking like. It reminds me of holidays and the sea. Sabine and I did it together: She made the beautiful motives in her screen print workshop, I did the rest. I think that indian blockprint matches perfect. It looks like waves. The little dots round it off. The nice tea service was a birthday present from my Mama. I really like tea,  tea everytime and everywhere.

How you make it: Three motives, each 13,5 cm x 18 cm, indian block-print: two rectangles 16 cm x 18 cm, two rectangles 6 cm x 18 cm, darkblue cotton with dots: 6 cm x the hole lenght. (No seam allowance included!) Put it together as you can see at the pictures, it is lined with a piece of white cotton fabric.

Material: 20 cm indian blockprint bought by Karlotta Pink, 14 cm or 8 cm darkblue cotton with dots, 35 cm whit cotton, three motives

Time: A very nice evening


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