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Colorful and surprising, this is the Aries woman. Her active mind needs many fresh ideas and fields of activity. She has a quick and sharp mind, quickly recognizes the essence of a problem or situation, and draws the consequences from it as quickly. She inspires others with her clear objectives and her particular nature. Nothing bothers her more than a boring environment and a set routine. Of course this also applies to fashion. She knows no inhibitions to set strong, unbroken colors hard against each other. Aggressive, courageous, modern, open, straightforward and pushing forward …

The Aries woman loves contrasts, her fashion must be practical and endure. She prefers good quality, a certain casual chic, but it can also be extravagant or elegant. She wants to be able to move, not tripping in pencil skirts for her. She avoids superfluous frills and too playful things. She wants clear lines. She loves invisible fasteners and seams. Printed pattern yes, but if then really big. She seldom or never wears jewelery, an when most likely a chic watch.

She does not like to be constricted or patronized. Therefore, she will never submit to the mere fashion dictation, only what she is inspired to try a trend. The directness of the Aries woman is occasionally embarrassing. So, do not be surprised if the Aries woman says outright that the dress you are wearing is a mistake – but it will also be just as honest if you look awesome.

Today, two Aries ladies have their say: my little sister Sabine and Sonja, mamablogger with sewing machine blogging at “The Crafting Cafe“. Thank you for your support! To stay with the fashion & sewing I would like to hand over the word to Sonja:

Hello, I am very happy to be here! Anna was looking for a sewing Aries, and I felt addressed since I am one of them. I am happy to write here today.

Am I a typical Aries? No, I’m a damn typical Aries! Especially the point “lively mind needs many fresh ideas and fields of activity” – that is probably one of the reasons that I’m blogging at all. It’s not enough to just sew (and cultivate more hobbies) – no, I also have to take pictures, write, edit and follow many other things that a blogger does.

I’m not “colorful” at all. I prefer to wear muted and dark colors and avoid colorful things in my clothes, such as this long sweater, which I recently sewed. (And bold prints. Well, I like print fabrics, but not me. I’m wearing plain or very subtly prints.)

Feathers are ok – Lady’s Jackenwahnsinn

I’m nobody who thinks a lot about fashion. Clothes should look good on me, but first and foremost, they have to be practical. Casual is a must. I do not feel great in stiff clothes at all, and I would not volunteer to wear things where I’m forced to “tripple”

On the other hand, there are always opportunities, where I enjoy to dress up. But in a mom’s daily life with four children that is very rare. I disagree with frills and playfulness: I like both, because it is not too much. I wear almost no jewelry, don’t like glitter, sequins, etc., but I like ruffles, bows and so on. This is also reflected in the bags and accessories that I have previously designed sewing patterns for.

Ethnoliebe – simple dress, with detail

I’ve always had my own mind and I’m not following any trends just because something is “in”. Sewing also has trends – suddenly certain materials or even patterns are really hyped. Of course I like experimenting, but only if I like the project. For example SnapPap: it took like forever for me to get an idea of what to do with it. And the spit cloth trend – sorry, the muslin fabric trend – I am still not convinced. Or pastel colors… Just not my colors! Are these even colors?

Directness – well … How was that right now with the “burp cloth trend”? 😉 If I write here somewhat flippant “burp cloth trend”, I do not want to offend anyone who considers muslin the most beautiful fabric in the world. I’ve even admired one, two very pretty stitched Molton bloomers on Instagram. But if you had four babies, three of whom spat, then you’re kind of biased. But do not mind me: I’ll just skip the trend;) … “, Sonja, The Crafting Cafe

How typical is Sabine? “Actually, I could completely copy and paste the description of the Aries description, because I have to admit I’m a typical Aries woman and the description fits me perfectly. One of my most typical Aries models would be my red Dior ensemble. Bright red, interesting details but a clear line with no unnecessary bells and whistles.  Unnecessary flounces, asymmetrical knots, whatever “superfluous” details, that’s just not my thing. There may be a refined line but overall the fashion must be quite simple and the blouse may then have a luscious jabot with many flounces.

You notice I like to use red, but also like green. Unfortunately, the green fabrics are often too bluish to me, so you cannot see my weakness for green yet. Prints, on the other hand, are only used to a limited extent. And if a print then a very striking and rather graphic one. My rather practical Aries side is also reflected in the jewelry, or you could say with my nonexistent jewelry. The only thing I really wear every day is one of my glasses and my watch. Everything else is useless bells and whistles. My vintage wardrobe may not look so practical. The really only impractical garments are two sewn pencil skirts and I never wear them – you would have to “tripple”.“, Sabine, PeterSilie & Co

Vintage Horoscope Sewing Pattern

Widder Nähhoroskop Horoskop nähen

Our Aries woman is a real Eve! She likes to set the tone in fashion and is very happy when people turn around in the street. Her adventurois side is also visible in her clothing. She prefers sporty classic Chic with bold colours and accessoires. Her great love belongs to distinctive hats and darned handkerchiefs.“, Neue Mode, 4 / 1966

Vintage models have their own peculiarities. Every time has its special fashion craze, which some find great and others horrible. Does our current outfit/sewing proposal hit the mark?

First of all, the written word goes to Sabine: “I just think the model shown is awful, but it may also be due to the fashion of the time, I just do not like it. In the accompanying text, I find myself again very well you can never go wrong with red anyway.“, Sabine, PeterSilie & Co

And now Sonja’s opinion: “Well, in the description, I find myself only partly. Especially  hats are not mine. But … I also crochet, and I’m a fan of Boshi hats but that style is far from what the vintage Aries lady wears.

Also, the rest of what is written about the Aries Lady – applies more to a younger version of me. Ten years ago, I would have thought otherwise. Today I am a bit calmer and prefer to keep in the background, even in fashion: muted colors, timeless cuts. Would I wear the vintage outfit? Not likely. I’m not someone who runs after trends or ready-made outfits. “, Sonja, The Crafting Cafe

Possible Outfits and Sewing Patterns

Aries Fashion Horoscope

Aries Fashion Horoscope

Outfit #1: Trousers, Sweater and Coat

  • A pair of pants that is similar appart from a few details is available at Burda. If you do not find paper bag details so great, there is a Marlene trousers with hem surcharge or alternatively this simple model of How To Do Fashion.
  • A similar trench coat can be found at Deer and Doe.
  • There is an endless possibilites for different knit tops. I hope you all have already found your TNT sewing pattern, I unfortunately not quite yet. Although the Linden sweatshirt is pretty close.
  • The delaribag #1 has a similar interesting zipper detail.

Outfit #2: Vintage Dress

Outfit #3: Maxi Skirt and Crop Top

It’s not without reason that Sabine owns a bag in owl form and one in the form of a telephone. (For everyday life a backpack is however the go to item.) For statement bags there are also possible patterns: e.g. this elephant bag, or one of these patterns can be transformed into a great statement bag with a bit of creativity.

I’m definitely not a fashion consultant. “Sew your style” is my motto, so I find it really difficult to make any recommendations regarding sewing patterns, so I’d like to refer to the patterns I’ve shown here – I love each piece and wear all of them very much.

Soon I would like to sew the jacquard sweat coat “Beuron” from Schnittquelle. I recently discovered it on a blog and totally fell in love. The coat is timelessly elegant and at the same time has that certain, extravagance. As I know myself, I will probably combine it with jeans and maybe with my waterfall shirt. And maybe my heels will be a bit higher again.

With that, I say goodbye. Thanks again for being able write here!“, Sonja, The Crafting Cafe

A big thank you from our side as well! We are already looking forward to your Beuron, probably in brightly colored typical Aries gray/black shades?

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