Sparkles! – A Burda Pattern in a Different Style

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Revue Girl 1

Originally this outfit should have looked completely different. The problem was the corset. But why actually make this outfit / costume at all. Well, I volunteered to help out at an early Pre Fasnacht Party and was assigned to the saloon bar. (The Egyptian bar would have been great to make a costume for, too.) And I clearly didn’t want to be a cowgirl. Because as expected the majority of the bar crew (all but me) were cowboys.

I had only two weeks time and I definitly did not want to work all the time on this costume. I wanted to base the costume as a saloon girl on one of my existing corsets (one brown and a bit steampunk and the other white from a snow queen costume). The plan was to use one of the two corsets, a blouse for underneath, buy a hat with feathers as decoration and a skirt with glitter, which is pulled up in front with fishnet stockings underneath and bootees.

Revue Girl 16

So I went with my two corsets into the carnival department of my favourite fabric shop with all the great glittering fabrics. The decision was so hard. I’ve wandered back and forth for forever, wondering if this or that fabric would be the best. The fabric should glitter, but not be too expensive. I had almost decided on one of them, when I realized that my chosen fabric did not have the usual fabric width of 150 cm (and was not sooo cheap). So I threw the idea out of the window and dodged into the costume department of the store. Because in this shop they sell not only fabrics, but also RTW costumes and everything else you could need for dressing up and decorating. And they also had different corsets. Of course, the black corset with the rhinestones caught my eye immediately. During the fitting it turned out, that this is also much better in terms of shaping than the other two I already owned. It forms the figure beautifully and does not just squeeze everything together. You can tell when you lay the corset flat on the table, that there is shaping in the chest and hip area. The other two had little to no shaping.


With a different corset as a basis, I went back to the glitter fabric department and decided on a white silvery glitter fabric. Beautifully glittery, only very eagerly at leaving glitter everywhere. I have given my best to limit the glitter only to the sewing room, but I have found the glitter everywhere at the end. I even put the fabric into quarantine in a plastic bag, when I wasn’t sewing. Surprisingly, the fabric was pleasant to work with, only my sewing machine didn’t find it so great and now it really deserves a machine service. (I still have a second machine, which will be here while the other is gone.) For the skirt I used an already used and well-known pattern, the one from the red maxi skirt made of rayon with fuchsia coloured yoke.


I styled my outfit based on the bar theme saloon more in a western style. I was (as expected) the only one on the team without a cowboy outfit. But since the foto location for this costume is much more modern, I tried to give it a little bit more of a revue girl flair.


I was photographed again by Dani from Fotospuren and Marco from Mr-Foto from Fototeam Luzern. The photo location was the HINIChT in Lucerne. I would like to claim to have been there before, but I have to admit I was there for the first time at the photo shoot. However, I find the furnishing very chic and I think it is a cozy place to spend time eating, drinking and relaxing.


Conclusion: For an occasion perhaps somewhat exaggerated, but standard and boring is not my case. I just love dressing up and I’m very happy to have the corset now. If I ever sew one, I will draw a pattern based on this one.

Pattern: Maxiskirt with Yokes Burda NR. 106-012016-DL

Costs: glitter fabric 3m each 19.90 CHF, corset 100 CHF, blouse Zara in sale 20 CHF, stockings 12 CHF, hat 8 CHF,

Time: 1.5 weeks

Revue Girl 6


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