Pisces-Outfit – Simplicity and La Mia Boutique

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top simplicity Meine Nähmode 3/16 modell27 fabric Karlotta Pink handloom jaquard

Lately with have be talking about fashion preferences of pisces women: This is my pisces outfit. A dark-green top from Simplicity and blue trousers after a pattern from the italian La Mia Boutique. The top is done by a beautiful jaquard mixed with an indian handloom, both bought by Karlotta Pink. The pattern is very simple and comfortable, but it has a surprising backside and that fine fabric makes a very elegant look. There is a nice detail at the sleeve, in original it is closed at the end with a few stiches, but I prefer open endings. Shades of one colour look flattering and it is a pure, clean look. But the best thing about it is: You can show your beautiful costume jewellery.

As a child I once had a beautful dream: I dreamed about pearls, rings, bracelets and all these glitter things little girls like. I really remember the place I had this dream, during a holiday a stay at my aunts in Styria, a nice place of Austria. This aunt had a beautiful dog, we loved it. I remembered that I woke up with a fantastic feeling just as coming from a fairyland.

There was a drawer in my parents bedroom, I loved it.  All these nice things: my mothers jewellery, rings, bracelets, .. I remembered that she had a little black jewellery box. Beautiful scarfs were in it too. I often asked her: “Why do you not wear that?” I did not know anything about housework back than.

My grandma didn’t think so nice about my costume jewellery. Once – I was a young lady back than – she said: “You looks like a Christmastree!” She said this in that very blunt way of the countrywoman.

I like fantastic costume jewellery in a display window. And if the shop is open and the jewellery is not to expensiv … There is one shop in the city I grew up in, I really like. That means I like the display window and all these costume jewellery. I was never in that shop. It was always closed when I was there. Perhaps another time …

Sometimes I bought costume jewellery for an outfit to make it perfect. The last days I thought that I could do it the other way around: Sewing a dress to present one of my costume jewellery. We will see…

Conclusion: Easy to make, I am very happy with my “pisces-outfit”

Pattern: Top 27, Simplicity Meine Nähmode 3/2016; trousers 39, La mia boutique July 2000

Fabric: handloom and jaquard bought at Karlotta Pink, linen/cotton bought at MyTex (local shop)

fabric handloom jaquard from Karlotta Pink



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