Birds as Inspiration – Seagull Blouse

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Möwenbluse ss2

In march I present you my seagull blouse. I found this fabric by pure accident. The focus are birds as print pattern. I have two other fabrics with flying birds as print. I can imagine that designers are very inspirated by birds flying in the sky, you just can imagine a design at once. I think everyone has seen a swarm of birds flying in the sky. This kind of design showing animals, flowers, vegetables or other objects are called conversationals. This word is not in my vocabulary usually, but I had just read about it recently. The seagulls printed on my fabric look a little bit like scetches with felt-pens. Such a graphic design needs the right pattern. I found it in the top Lizzy from LMV.

There are no Seagulls in my village. I made a short phototrip to Linz (Upper Austria). The good old Danube is a nice place for seagulls. The sound of the crying seagull, a harbour, the coast thats a typical scenery for them. But you can see and hear seagulls in big cities too. Not only in winter but all over the year.  The most attractive thing for them is the large amount of rubbish in the cities. There is food round the year. The seagull is perfect in swallowing very fast big pieces of food. It can only find food if it can see it. The seagull is a little robber. It learns very fast to recognize if another bird got some food. Some of them can live just from robbery.

A man was feeding seagulls and a lot of other birds. That’s why I had a excellent chance to take very good pictures. I am actually really proud of my pictures. It was a really exciting day for me. Unfortunately the man threw his plastic bags into the water, that let me remembers that rubbish is the reason for the seagulls staying in cities around the year, and some times the big populations become a problem.

Summary: It was the first pattern from La Maison Victor for me. The pattern matches and the instruction is very clear and step by step. There isn’t a zip needed on the backsides (as the pattern recommends). The neckline is very wide, that’s not so practicable with a bra. My fabric, a crepe, was a little bit to heavy, the knots are to big. But I would like to try it with another fabric.

Fabric: 1,50 cm Crepe from a local shop

Pattern: Top Lizzy from La Maison Victor May/June 2017


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