6 Tips for Overlock Thread Colours

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Every owner of an overlock will be thinking about overlock thread colours sooner or later. At the moment I have “only” black and white overlock thread. Since I do not like to change colour (way too much fiddling), this is usually sufficient. Lately, however, I’ve also had some projects that did not quite work out with these two colours only. Since the Internet is a treasure trove of information, I have now collected the most helpful tips from my research.

overlock garn farben(1)


Tip #1: The Basics

The basic supply of colors for an overlock are 4 white cones and 4 black cones. Both colors are easy to get. The white cones are important for white fabrics, so that nothing shines through. Above all, the black cones cover the darker colors.

Tip #2: Extension of the Colour Assortment

If white and black are no longer enough, you can extend your color range to a neutral color.Gray or cream adapt to almost all colors. Quilters use e.g.mainly grays for stitching for all colors of the rainbow.

Tip #3: Mixing Colours

It is not always necessary to use thread that perfectly matches the fabric. Color like ivory, gray or soft pink mix well with different colors. Basic colors such as blue, red or yellow stand out except for very similar shades of color.

Tip #4: The most Important Thread

If no overlock yarn fits, simply thread in a normal sewing thread. A good example of this can be found at Jane’s blog “Handmade Jane“.

Tip #5: Change Cone Positions

Overlockers are thread monsters – they need about 18 times the length of the seam on yarn altogether. The two grippers, the upper and the lower, use a lot of yarn. The consumption of needle threads, however, is relatively low. When threading the thinner cones on the needle positions set (left), and the better filled cones on the gripper positions (right).

Tip #6: Thread Brands?!

The investment in high-quality overlock yarn pays off. Nothing is more annoying than when a thread tears in the middle of sewing. As the previous tips show, it is not necessary to store cones in all colors, but it is worthwile to invest in good-quality yarn like Mettler or Madeira.

So, I hope that was some useful information for you too. I will buy gray cones at the next opportunity. But nothing more.

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