Sewing & Fashion Horoscope – Pisces

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Nothing too conspicuous, no harsh contrasts or harsh tones … The pisces woman is very emphatic, she loves the variety and the eternal change of the existence – but always with a certain detachment. She is interested, participates and is open to the her environment and society. Since she is very sensitive and has an unusually differentiated perception, which reacts to the finest vibrations and soft nuances, she is irritated by everything loud, violent, direct and gross.

In fashion, she avoids hard contrasts and harsh tones. Her colors and shapes are soft, flowing, warm, without disturbing contrasts. The pisces woman rejects loud prints as well as ordinary items. She likes the exotic or ornamental, as long as it is not too shrill. For them, not necessarily the material quality is crucial, but the harmony as a whole. She has no problems to combines fine clothes with original accesoires from the flea market and second hand goods. Her jewelry can also be made of plastic and cheap if it skilfully rounds off the outfit.

A bit of glitter, sequins, exotic embroidery can be found as well as a bit of playfullnes, ruffles or pretty buttons and eye-catching closures. She follows the current fashion trends with interest and picks out one or the other. A bit of hippie, a little bohemian, she combines the decorative with the practical. Sporty or just traditional clothes are boring in her mind.

We have the fortunate circumstance of having two very different pisces women in the sewingblogfamily PeterSilie&Co: me, Anna and Silvia. Anyone who has been following our blog for some time will have noticed, that we all have very different styles – a quick glance into our gallery shows that as well.

The interesting thing is that at the beginning of this project, I said that I am the most atypical fish. When it comes to the seemingly “typical” professions of the fish, this is true, but when it comes to style, I found myself more within the description, than I thought. Although I am certainly a pisces with a very simple style, I just love these small, interesting details. As far as costume jewelery is concerned, I’m totally a pisces: more is better than less, and whether it’s real or not does not really matter.“, Anna

Sewing projects for the pisces woman: lace-skirt (sewn by Sabine, now in my (Anna’s) wardrobe) und Crop-Top, ballonskirt-dress, blouse, vintagedress, oversize-jacket, floral blouse

First of all, I am the pisces with the esoteric touch – by that I mean: I write the introductions (with the help of various documents). In the past I was very interested in everything, now I consider it more like – well – a board game. The main reason is that I was surprised at the accuracy of some charts (if you calculate them exactly) and that’s why I stopped playing around with them. In our fashion horoscope, I simply try to interpret the “typical” characteristics of each zodiac sign in terms of fashion and style, which is quite exciting, if you take a little time for it. Whether this is true, that will always remain a big question mark, because each person is much, much more complex and complicated (especially women …). We have to make quite strong generalizations, so do not take it to seriously!

But that was not the job Anna had asked me to do. How typical a pisces am I? Very, I think. For example, I spent my most money on costume jewelery. My husband figured that out and calculated that I spent probably over 1000 Euro, a lot of money for someone who actually does not have a lot. On the other hand I have almost no real jewelery (one or two little chains, presents from my grandma and mom). And also otherwise, my fashionable instinct is still there. I have always enjoced to play around with costums – depending on my mood … By the way, we have had a lot of fun in the outfit selection, because whenever I have a chosen a piece that was in my eyes absolutely “fishy” Anna said: “That’s awful!” In the end, she did like the selected things, the fish in her … “, Silvia

The Vintagepattern Horoscope:

She is tender, playful, almost a little ethereal. The factual fashion architecture of Courrèges and Mondrian is not for her. She loves fragrant fabrics and flowing clothes, in which she can move elfenishly-easily. A little more fashion would not harm our pisces-woman sometimes. She does not want to attract attention. She feels better in afternoon-elegant models than in a sporty day suit. She always knows how to give an individual outfit feminine touch. She relaxes the strict twinset with a funny necklace or “softens” the Chemisierkleid (shirtdress) through a flirtatious handkerchief. A large festive robe hinders her in her lively movements. Therefore, she prefers the “little evening dresses” – if possible, made of fluffy fabrics – in which she can dance gracefully and elated. “, Neue Mode 02/1966

Our opinions on this? 

I do not wear orange or many dresses or skirts. But even I have to admit that there are at least details that appeal to me. Rather simple clothes with some interesting details. But this is a very general analysis of the situation, I would not sew/wear any of the clothes shown here. “, Anna

Well, I would not be so strict there, my favorite skirt is a very long red patterned circle skirt – I still wear it. I have chain belts myself – but my waist may not be so ideal for them … The models shown are, of course, according to the fashion of the time. I like the orange pleated dress a lot. The flutter of clothes, the fragrant and flowing fabrics is definitely true!“, Silvia

Outfits & pattern ideas for the pisces woman

Nice interesting details, playful, light hippie influences, so what would a modern outfit look like? For the winter an interesting cape in A-shape with a knit dress with a great pattern and as a rounding off the outfit great earrings, shoes and bag. We could not quite decide on the summer outfit. Flattering dress or flounces? A matter of taste.

Cape / Jacket    

Pisces Fashion Horoscope

  • For the winter dress, the dress Solange from LMV 04/2017 would be an option. It has a zipper in the back.
  • I was quite unlucky in my pattern search for the dresses: The hippie dress is really nothing more than a rectangle as a skirt and a ruffled top. Maybe you know of a suitable tutorial? I have found a very nice maxi dress for curvy women in a Burda Easy. And I just had to include this halter dress because I think it’s so pretty.
  •  Ruffles are a big topic right now. On burdastyle, there are a large number of different ruffled dresses: e.g. a shift dress, a little summer dress or a nightgown that certainly will not look like a bedroom from the right material.

We are looking for you!

Are you also a pisces woman? Did you find yourself in the description and suggested examples? Or is it completely wrong for you? We look forward to your experiences and opinions!


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