Japanese Reversable Blouse

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reversable blouse Karlotta Pink japanese cotton print Burda 1984

Double-face is one of my favourite fabrics at the moment. What is so especially about it? First, the fabric has two nice sides. You can use each of them. And you got two different clothes with putting in only once the work and time. But that also means that you have to do the seams very carefully. A doubly hidden seam in that case. I have often work with thicker double-face fabrics before, in that cases you can use a very decorative seam on my Bull-Finch Cape.

In the best case you can find a pattern that shows both sides at the same time. I found a lot of very nice patterns for thick wool double-face fabrics and I did some of them. But all that time I was looking for a nice pattern matching a lighter weight fabric like the japanese cotton prints from Karlotta Pink.

Last year I have sewn a pair of cooking gloves for the Karlottas japanese fabrics blogtour. But I thought I could do better presenting the fabric at its best. Finally, I found a pattern in an old Burda International magazine from spring 1984. I think this is the perfect pattern. You can wear the blouse open or tie a knot in the front.

At this time young japanese designers mixed up the european fashion metropols with new ideas new patterns and new thinking about clothes and fashion. Natural fabrics became trendy. I believed humans have finally noticed that fabric out of natural fibres are the better one for us and our world. But unfortunately that trend did not hold on.

Anyway, there are also some more very nice pattern for other possible double-face projects in the same issue, so my to-sew list just grew a bit.

Summary: A very nice blouse, and I did really well. I think my daughters would accept the sewing – they are very, very accurate sewers. This blouse is perfect for a fresh summer evening!

Pattern: Burda International Spring 1984, Model 908

Fabric: Japanese double-face cotton – Sponsered for this project by Karlotta Pink

reversable blouse Karlotta Pink japanese cotton print Burda 1984


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