Birds as Inspiation – Origami-Mask from a Shwe-Shwe Fabric

(blog series birds as inspiration, auf Deutsch lesen)

Origami mask fabric shweshwe cotton Karlotta Pink

It was absolutly clear: I will make an Origami-mask. It was surprising, that it looks like a bird. Some time ago I saw in the book Origami Wohndesign from Armin Täubner, by top  verlag, a special technic. It shows how you have to prepare a fabric for using it for Origami. That was very interesting and I decided to try it.

  • Put a plastic sheet on your table, larger than your fabric
  • Mix woodglue and water 1,5 cm to 1 cm
  • coat the fabric with glue from one to the other side
  • now you can dry it
  • after ironing between two papers you can start

You can see my origami on my drawings. Test the mask first with a pice of paper.

Cut the holes for the eyes. You can make different versions and dekorate the mask, if you like. I hope you enjoy it!

Conclusion: A nice mask, easy done. the technique works well

Material: 32cmx32cm fabric, I used ShweShwe cotton from Karlotta Pink

Book: Origami Wohndesign by Armin Täubner, topp verlag 2013

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