Birds as Inspiration – The Bullfinch-Cape

(blog series Birds as Inspiration, auf Deutsch lesen)


Everthing started with this double-face fabric. The first time I saw it, I thought: It looks like a bullfinch. That was one inspiration, the other was a fashion-collection named Birds, I saw some time ago. I liked that idea. I like birds. As child I stood up early in the morning looking for birds. And I was so disappointed, because I did not see anything (or at least nothing interesing).

12 months, 12 birds, this month features the bullfinch. Early in the winter one or two bullfinch-couples came to our feeding place. The bullfinch looks a bit stocky. But he sings really beautifully and you can hear him in summer also. The bullfinch gentleman is grey and has a red breast, his lady is very decent in grey and beige. Both of them wear a dark cap. Still I have started my “birdproject” not one of the bullfinchs came to our feeding place. But now it is snowing again, and we had a chance to take some pictures …

There are a lot of not very nice hackneyed expressions abot the Bull-Finch in German – is it the same in English? The meaning is fool, you find a mug and so on. But the Bull-Finch is really clever: he can taste the difference between very good and not so good seeds, they are very tolerant and there are no fights between them during the feed surch in winter.

Now back to my fabric. I did not buy it the first time I have seen it. But I was always thinking about it and the next time I bought it. It was clear for me, that it would perfect match to my favourite cape-pattern from the sewing magazine Anna Extra Nähstyle. It is a nice cape with a very impressive red side and a decent beige one. It is easy to do and fits well. All seams are stitched down, that looks nice and is decorative too.

Conclusion: I love it, it is a little bit extravagant but I like that

Pattern: Anna Extra Nähstyle 2016, Cape 19E

Fabric: Double-face from MyTex


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