Birds as Inspiration – Songbirds Iris-Print Cushions

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Birds in our garden, birds on the cushions. There is something very inspirationally about birds. I will talk about that in a bit again.

Sabine made a lot of nice song-bird screen prints last year. She made very exact studies and drawings. It was not so easy to print her drafts, because they are done very delicatly and fine. Iris-print is a special version of screen print. You print different colours in one process. Therefore you get a very exciting print with this technique.

I got a few of the bird prints from Sabine, But it took some time to actually make cushions. But now we enjoy the them a lot. We shoot the pictures in the late afternoon. The light was very dramatic and the colours look very shrill and intensive. Our ducks were a bit afraid of the new piece of furniture – you see it on the pictures.

Birds as inspiration. Sabine’s birds, a fabric in exciting red, a fashion collection named “Birds”… I liked the idea to go threw the year with that theme. I am not the most  disciplined sewer and this gives me clear rules to work with. It is an interesting challenge too. First I thought “12 months – 12 birds – 12 garments”, but there is more to it.

We are taking a lot of pictures and this is on the on hand very exciting (bought a new objective!) and also frustrating (birds are soo fast). I am still collecting information about birds, how they live and anything about culture, literature and the connection between humans and birds.

It is suprising how I connect some of the birds with very specific fabrics or patterns. There are lots of fantastic combination of colours, it is really very exciting.

Der Specht

  • Do you like birds?
  • Do you find it interesting?
  • Have you sewn with a birdprint or do you like to make one now?
  • Tell us, we are curious about it!

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