Sewing & Fashion Horoscope – Aquarius

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The Aquarius woman needs variety, she loves to take risks and surprises. Freedom and independence are very important to her – in this she is uncompromising. She is very emancipated. Easiness, agility, originality – her motto is change.

She is firmly rooted in the facts, but does not want to get entangeled. The Aquarius woman wants to be ready to take off. She changes her home more than average, and of course her appearance. She lives at the pulse of time. She knows what is trendy. She rejects obsolete conventions, everything petty is an abomination to her. Dull routine drains her.

She knows what fashion is on trend and is able to interpret it surprisingly fresh. She often finds unconventional solutions. She is quickly excited about things, but this enthusiasm also quickly subsides. Unperturbed she leaves behind from the trend of the last season, because there is something new to discover.

Active, loves to travel, always on the road, that’s the Aquarius woman. Their clothes must be just as practical. Fashionable, but without frills and glitter or similar frippery, sophisticated, pure.

A few of our models that we think, that the Aquarian woman would like:

What does the vintage pattern horoscope say?

“The Aquarius woman loves subtle elegance without loud effects and is a great master in omitting unnecessary details. Fair lady look and romance are not to be found in her wardrobe, though she never renounces the flattering feminine line. Princess dresses are in high favor with her. She does not wear any clothes that you spontaneously turn around for. In the selection, she can be guided by her safe taste sensation, because she knows exactly which models fit her style perfectly. She knows how to combine well and will never say she has nothing to wear. And her friends envy her for that.”, Neue Mode 02/1966

Nähhoroskop Modehoroskop Wassermann Neue Mode 1966
Horoscope-Model for the Aquarius from the sewing pattern magazine “Neue Mode”, 1966

What is the opinion of a Aquarius-sewer?

Sabine was able to convince her sewing instructor, a trained master tailor, to give her opinion on the horoscope model. In her wardrobe are mostly high quality and timeless garments. When time permits, she sews her own clothes. Her goal is to tailor everything: from bra to swimsuit.

Her opinion on the horoscope model from the year 1966: “The color is nice. The dress fits my style, the coat is too classical. I would prefer a banded collar and/or two to three colors.“, Nicole

Outfit Examples & Sewing Patterns

Puristic, simple but fashionable, and with certain color accents and details. We have put together a winter and a summer outfit and included suggestions for possible pattern options:


  • The short version of the sewing pattern Londres by French Label Orageuse is a good possibility for the trenchcoat. An amazing sewn example can be found on House of Pinheiro.
  • As an alternativ the trenchoat Luzerne by Deer&Doe with a bit of a vintage feel, is a great option as well, but maybe also for the Aquarius woman.



Aquarius summer/winter look

Aquarius Winter/Sommer-Look

Sirt Dress

    • The sewing pattern McCall’s M6885 is a semi-fitted shirt dress with a pointed collar.
    • McCall’s 7084 is more fitted with princess seams.
    • Grainline has a sleeveless option named Alder with interesting skirt detail.
    • Salme Pattern has a possibilty without any buttons and a banded collar.

We are looking for you!

Are you born in the sign of the Aquarius? Did you find yourself in the description and suggested examples? Or was it completely wrong for you? We look forward to your experiences and opinions!

In the next few months we plan to portray the respective zodiac sign in the same way, but would like to include more opinions of sewing bloggers! Do you want to participate? Let us know in the comments!

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