Glitter & Darkblue – A Large and a Small Coat

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coat so pattern

I never tested a new pattern before. And now I realized, that I am not really the right person to do it. I am not accurate and analytical enough. I do not read the instructions most time and my project often ventur of into the unkown …, but I liked trying it anyway.

Before starting, I remembered my beautiful fabrics and thought: the sewing pattern is decided, I just have to find the matching fabric. I have a nice double-face wool fabric in my closet: blue, right for a coat, but unfortunatelly checkered. I was unable to make a perfect patternmatching and changed therefore the fabric. The new fabric may not be the perfect one, but I think it works.

coat so pattern

Now my impressions about the tested sewing pattern Emma by So! Patterns:

  • The coat is very slim, if you are very small at your shoulders and round at your waist or bottom you have to take that into account and grade your sewing patter.
  • I love the back view, it is really fantastic. I was not sure about the half belt, but it works and I like it.
  • It was too large at the shoulders, but I did not use shoulder pads.

Now, some words about my sewing. All seams are stichted (or is quilted the right word? Please help out!). The hemline is a bit wonky. I folded up not enough seam allowence. the I did not really good work at the seam, it is too small. I hope to rework the seamline in the coming days. To make the look perfect, I made a nice little coat for our dog Bruno. He did not like it first, but he was a very good boy during the fotoshooting. By the way my daughter Sabine made the same coat Emma from So! Pattern, so you can see the difference in material and sizing.

Conclusion: I like to wear thick scarfs and pullovers with tube collars, so the neckline without a collar is perfect for me (and it is easy to make too, bonus!).

Pattern: Coat Emma from So! Pattern, dog coat from Burdastyle 12/2017 mod. 133

Fabric: MyTex (a fabric shop in Austria)

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