Dots • Waterfall Raglan from Chalk&Notch

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This fabric with the dots spoke to me. It is subtle in black and white, but has a bit of a wow-factor as well. So, I “forgot” my resolution of not buying fabrics right now. After some deliberation I decided on the Waterfall Raglan sewing pattern from Chalk&Notch. It is a pattern I wanted to try for some time. But I was not quite sure about the style for me, due to the ruffles. But with the right fabric the style of a garment can change quite a lot, so I just went for it.

PeterSilieUndCo Waterfall Raglan Pünktchen Chalk and Notch 10

I never had a pattern with that much detailed information and pattern pieces for different stretch factors. Unfortunatelly the fabric did not have enough stretch and/or the print hindered the stretch to do the best for the pattern. The first fitting showed, that the sleeve was way too tight. And I never thought of my arms in terms of being stocky. Since the fabric is not that stretchy, instead of stretching the fabric, the overlock seams is visible. Also I was lazy and I left the white thread in the machine. Therefore the white seam is visible. Last but not least getting the neck bend on, took my all in all three bands in different lenghts and about three tries.


The pattern took more time, than I expected. But I had a lot of luck as well. The front pattern piece has a nice curve on the bottom. This curve pleated itself into the overlock seam. So I had to unravel the seam in two areas, but I did not have any actual holes in the fabric. When I sew woven fabrics, I kind of learn a lot about sewing techniques, when I sew stretchy stuff, I just wrangle with the fabric. Am I the only one, with this problem?

Conclusio: The fabric choice was a big let down. Otherwise the result is great.

Pattern: Waterfall Raglan from Chalk&Notch

Fabric: ca. 1.5 m jersey from Stoff & Stil

PeterSilieUndCo Waterfall Raglan Pünktchen Chalk and Notch 6
mit meinen Zebra-Socken

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