#2018MakeNine & other Plans

(read in German)

My last sewing year was quite heavily influenced by my status of newbie-sewist. I found many patterns great, loved and bought a lot of fabrics and wanted to try everything. Therefore I have made a lot of things, most fit me relativly good, but most of them are not quite my style. And this is my biggest problem, falling in love with the wrong things. (Apart from choosing the incorrect fabric for a sewing project.) So one of my big resolutions is to focus more in myself in my style.

#2018makenine and other plans PeterSilieUndCo

The end of last year, already went into the right direction: Simple sewing patterns, good manipulation (inside as well) and fitting to my style and prefered colours. Also, I want to use the fabric stash I have aquired, since starting to sew.

The challange #MakeNine2018 is for me the perfect oportunity to write down some resolutions, and shape the sewing projects of the year. (Have you seen the hashtag #2018UseNine for our stash reduction?! I am planning on using that as well.)

#1 I have 1.5 m of a black-oily textured fabric with teddy fur inside in my stash. It was always planed for some kind of coat and the Silvia Coatigan from Schnittchen Pattern fits the brief perfectly.

#2 The Sloane Sweater from Named Patterns is a cute, interesting basic. Something for inbetween. Since the pattern is rather simple, I am open in regards of fabric choice: colour or print? We will see.

#3 A wardrobe staple, that I actually have in my wardrobe (but RTW): the Ogden Cami from True Bias. Key is finding a flowy fabric.

#4 Ohne of my big loves on the indie sewing pattern market is the Fringe Dress from Chalk and Notch Patterns. Till now there was never the perfect oportunity to sew it, but for this year (as a preperation for summer) it is on one of the top spots of my “To-Sew” lists.

#5 If Kalle Shirt from Closet Case Patterns I will sew the Kalle with or without sleeves is not yet clear. It depends on the fabrics in my stash. All linen in blues and on in an amazing “old” pink. This is a project I want to start next weekend on a sewing retreat.

#6 The T-Shirtbody “Move your body” from Aime Comme Marie is a great basic piece. Only thing that worries me: snap buttons and jersey …

#7 The Trenchcoat from Simple Sew UK is a very feminin interpretation of the trench coat. I love jackets of all kind and thing of a bold fabrics. Just imagine the trench coat with jeans and a white blouse.

#8 The idea of a fake skirt inspired me from the get go. Now the Tania Culottes from Megan Nielson Patterns should finally come to live. I have a cute white fabric with blue dots in my stash – but my plans change a lot.

#9 My first attempt at a jeans failed quite spectacular – it was a burda instruction and my sewing level was not quite there yet. The Ginger Jeans from Closet Case Patterns has a “low rise” and “high rise” version, is “skinny” and has a detailed sew-along. I hope for a better outcome

(#10) I am not wearing dresses a lot – therefor no dresses planned. Till I saw the Bondi Dress from tessuti fabrics. It was instant love. So here is my late dress add for my sewing plans.

All in all, these are all of them together:

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