November Jumper’s: Slim Fit Raglan from P4P

(verfügbar in Deutsch)

Sleeves of any kind are an obsession right now for me. After my Ethno-jacket with a split sleeve (which was a lot more work than thought, especially with the stripes), I am all for easy simple sleeves, like raglan sleeves. So I tried the the Slim Fit Raglan pattern from Patterns for Pirates, after the PJ pants were a quick and easy sew.


My first try was from an poly-mix fabric. I thought, that there was some plastic in the mix, but finally noticed it, when I used my iron on the hottest setting … Anyway, it turned out great – only the neck band is a bit too long for the stretch of the fabric (in my opinion).

And than I had this blue glitter fabric in my stash. I have pre-washed it about half a year ago, for a totally different project. And since I visited my sister (and she had white thread in her overlock), I decided to finally do something with it. I planned actually to sew another pattern – I printed it, glued it and than noticed, that there was not one mark for sewing on the sleeves. Not great.

The only thing which was the reason to select it, was a really interesting combindation of wide hood/cowl. So I just decided to hack the P4P pattern. In the end, I made it quite easy for me and just added a rectangle with the measurements of neckline length by 60 cm. So I have a 30 cm high waterfall cowl now.


The sewing went quite quick. My sister kept me company at the overlock, my mom (who was visiting as well) was the best motivator of all. I made some mistakes, but it really was my own fault (and the fabrics). The fabric was really easy to handle, so I left out the sewing machine and used the overlock exclusivly. I only had to fix two holes in the neckline seam (due to too stretchy fabric) and a unintentional fold in the band at the bottom (due to not stretching the fabric enough).

When I was finally done, my sister (she is very critical) said, the sleeve at the armpit is cut wayyy to wide. I can however now report, that the space is needed for t-shirts underneath. (I tested the jumper only with bra …) And therefor I oficially declare this pattern as my first TNT. (At black friday I actually bought the (very similar, but a bit more roomier) Linden pattern from Grainline, since it was the most popular sewing pattern at Sewcialists TNT month.)

Conclusio: Unfortunatelly the first glitter thread was pulled out by my necklace already. So the jumper will probably not live really long. (But at least I have a TNT!)

Mods: Added a cowl (rectangle)

Stoff: 1.5 m glitter fabric, 1.5 m grey poly-something

Schnittmuster: Slim Fit Raglan by Pattern for Pirates (size according to bust measurement)

Christmas is coming …

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