Wardrobe Staples: McCall’s M7348

(verfügbar in Deutsch)

Dresses? Yes, I am aware that I planned in my latest blogposts, to only sew stuff I actually wear. And lets be honest, I am more the jeans and hoodie kind of girl. But there is a dressform, the A-line shirtdress, that became due to some awesome examples, sewn by fellow sewingbloggers, a kind of obsession for me. It started with McCall’s M7348 sewn by Sharadha (“Sweet Shard”). The pattern is really, really unspectacular – without the example I would have ignored it completelly.

Next, I discovered Sasha’s version of the Groove Dress on her blog “Second Piano”. And last but not least Ping’s interpretation of the general t-shirt/a-line dress idea (“Peneloping”). All this patterns are simple, a-line and I wanted one as well!

I also fell in love with the colors: blue, white, dark red. So my focus was the colour, rather than the fabric itself. It became kind of a polo shirt fabric, with not enough elasticity (probably).

McCalls 7348 M7348 T-Shirtkleid Kleid nähen blau
It was qite windy and cold …

It was not really a problem, but it may fit a bit better with a little more of it in the mix. It only became really bad at the neckband. So I changed it to a bias tape. The overall length is short, but ok. I forgot to mention that I cut the sleeve with a little bit more width, which was unnecessary, but who knew. I kind of compared measurements of my upper arm with the lower arm pattern …

Conclusio: I wish, I would have worn different leggings … No, I actually like it quite a lot! Am I repeating the pattern? No idea, right now.

Pattern: McCall’s M7348

Fabric: 1,5 m blue poloshirt fabric

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