1 sewing pattern, 5 versions & 1 UFO

(verfügbar in Deutsch)

The Sewcialist November theme month is coming up and its … * drum roll, please* Tried’n’True (TNT) sewing patters. So what exactly are TNTs? For me these are sewing patters who work, easy to sew, fit and (the most important aspect): something you like to wear. Pretty dresses are great, but if you do not wear them …


I started sewing in earnest maybe a year ago. And I thought of a lot of things that they were beneath my level. Now I know, it can be really hard work to get a rather complex sewing pattern done and if it is not the kind of clothing you would actually like to wear, yeah … not great.

Chloe (“deadlycraft“) described it – in my opinion – acuratly as “catching the unicorn“. And I am on this search for the unicorn. I hope the see (and also catch) it occasionally. The only pattern I have sewn quite often, is a pattern called “Retroliebe” from the german pattern designer Nähkind.

In the summer I have sewn with wovens (because everything with stretch hated me) and so here are my version with the pretty retro vibe in popelin, the dotted one is in viscose, and from a fabulous jeans fabric with strawberries (i still loooove the fabric, even if I had real trouble cutting the correct pieces).

For the cooler (better say cold weather) here in Germany, something with a bit of stretch is way more functional. So, I have sewn kind of a little black dress for the winter in french terry and a hacked version with a high-low effect, because my fabric ran out. Unfortunatelly this amazing doubleface was more stable than I thought. Ahh, fabric choice …

Last but not least I have an UFO … I actually wanted to try another pattern, which went horribly wrong, and so it became a Retroliebe tunic. It is an adorbale viscose print and due to the first attempt, I had to get creative and added an button-down front (with no button holes at this point).

I am really exicted to see all of your TNT’s during November! Happy Sewing.

Conclusio: I really need to try another pattern, especially since I do not wear dresses very often

Mods: high-low effect in the skirt part

Fabric: 1,5 m doubleface von my favourite supplier myTex

Pattern: Retroliebe by Nähkind


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