A citron dress – A small Odyssee to the vintage dress

(verfügbar in Deutsch)

Zitronenkleid Beyer Mode 1962 1

First of all, I noticed this dress through the breathtaking ugly fabric of the original model in Beyer Moden April 1962. Of course, I had to show this to my parents. I thought it was horrible, but my mother was immediately enthusiastic about the dress. Not because of the fabric, but because of the interesting pattern. The dress was, similar to the Walk Away Dress, a very sophisticated wrap dress. How cleverly, I realised only during sewing the dress. At the back and side the dress is buttoned up, at the left back part a belt is sewn on, which comes out at the opposite side of the side seam through a slit, goes around once and closes at the button side with a button.

When it came to the fabric, I swayed between pink/green stamps and flowers or the lemons. As you can see, the lemons have won. Actually, the dress was planned to be in between for relaxation. That’s not exactly what happened. Cutting the fabric and sew it together and the first adjustments were done quickly. But then…

Beyer Mode April 1962 Kleid 3

And then came the colour yellow for April for the sewing blogger challange 12 Colours of Handmade Fashion and I thought: “Great, I will finally finish sewing the dress (quickly) for it”. Well I didn’t do it, because 8 pipped buttonholes. For May I decided to finish sewing only things and not start anything new! And I actually started with making the buttonholes. (I didn’t have to change the fit, a little miracle for vintage patterns).

The test buttonholes went really well, but the first one on the dress was a horror story. After that I decided to sew the bottom first and work my way up, so that they would look really good at the top. It wasn’t really the case. The buttonholes will certainly not break a beauty record, but they are there and they work.

I was celebrating inside: “Only sew together a little bit more; one or two hand hems; sew on buttons and I’m done”. (I have made the lining in between other projects). The skirt was already made in two layers and trimmed with bias ribbons, for more stability and opaqueness.

Beyer Mode April 1962 Kleid 14

But no, big drama and frustration, the lining pulled. The front fit perfectly, but the back was too small. I still don’t really know how this happened. Maybe because I cut the lining in later or something?! My method of coping was to throw the dress into the corner and ignore it. Luckily, my mom was visiting and took care of the dress. The next day I slept out, she used wedges on the sides and finished the lining. After that I only sewed the hem, which I had folded about 5 cm over. The buttons were sewn on by my mother, because I couldn’t see the dress anymore. Finally it was finished. And so we went straight out to take a picture.

The only thing to mention is that it is not so practical to put on. So it’s a dress where a chambermaid would be handy.

That was my little odyssey from the horrible original dress in Beyer Mode April 1962, buttonhole aversion to the lining drama to finally a pleasant photo shoot with my mom.
And a make towards my #VintagePledge2017.

Beyer Mode April 1962 Kleid 12

Conclusion: It took time, it frustrated me to no end, but it’s finished. It’s a bit impractical to put on, but since there’s no other version of this dress planned. For several reasons, not only because of the many buttonholes.

Pattern: Beyer Mode April 1962

Changes: Waist 2 cm higher

Material: lemon fabric from my Grandmas storage, for the top white Venezia lining and for the skirt poplin, 8 buttons, bias tape 9 m

Beyer Mode April 1962 Vintage Kleid nähen 60er

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