50s Vibe with PomPoms and a Pencil skirt

(verfügbar in Deutsch)

This outfit may not look like 60’s, but the fashion with mini skirts, short A-line dresses and models inspired by space travel, which became famous at that time, were not modern on Jan. 1,1960. Before that, there still was a transition from 50s fashion to the fashion of the 60s.

Up to now, I have not yet liked many models from my not inconsiderable PRAMO stacks – PRAMO is the abbreviation for “Praktische Mode”, a sewing magazine from the DDR. This may be due to styling and photos. The Pom-Pom blouse immediately caught my eye and I knew: I had to sew it.

Bluse Pramo mit Posamentborte

Unfortunately the pom-poms are only available in a few basic tones, so I decided to sew the blouse in white like the original. Pure white is usually not my case, but I think the blouse looks best in white.

The basic cut for the blouse is simple. The front part consists of two parts, the pom-poms are sewn on the upper part first. Then it is connected to the lower part. Sewing on the Pom Pom was not as difficult as you might think. Before I started sewing, I simply drew the lines with a ruler at an even distance. After that I only had to put the Pom Poms on the lines while sewing. Unfortunately, the braid pulls the fabric together a little bit, but that doesn’t matter, because the pom-poms are above it. After that I sewed the slit quite free-style at the back – I don’t even know if it is a hundred percent symmetrical. The side of the blouse has become a little tighter and more waisted.

The sleeves in the original cut are with an extreme, at that time style appropriate, narrow armhole – I extended that somewhat, nevertheless the insertion was difficult. Due to the border and pom-poms it was easy to slip off the seam line. A white bias band was added around the neckline. To prevent the PomPoms from shrinking the sleeve hems, the trims have been steamed and “pulled apart” with the help of an iron.

Finally the last hem – and I was very happy to have a completed sewing project. Throughout May I have tried to finish only things (and not to start something new again, no matter how tempting it may be). Except for one item of clothing, I succeeded in doing so.

And this garment is the skirt that can be seen on the photos. The basis for the skirt was a self-constructed basic pattern according to the Swiss cutting system for a straight skirt. I didn’t change anything about the pattern, I made the side seams more fitting to the figure while sewing, because I wanted a very tight-fitting skirt in black with a slit. Only that the slit got a little too short.

Generally, it is only possible to tripple with this skirt with short steps, which is totally new for me. This denim fabric has now been given the glorious honour of becoming one of my new favorite fabrics. The fabric has enough elasticity – without stretching endlessly – and at the same time it has a nice stability, which makes it not necessary to line the skirt (to prevent unwanted undergarments from becoming visible or forming).

Bluse Pramo mit Posamentborte und Bleistiftrock

When I started reading blogs, I was always very amused and fascinated when a seamstress wrote, that she sewed something for the same day event and was under time pressure or not. My previous record was to sew my red dress in a week. With this pencil skirt, I have set a new time record, because I made it in two hours. I needed a matching skirt for an already sewn red vintage top for an electro swing party in the 50s style. But I didn’t have suitable pants or skirts at home. (And the matching skirt for the top was still in development.

A pencil skirt seemed to be a quick project and with a rather low material requirement. However, I have to say that I couldn’t work as tidily as without time pressure. Especially during ripping seams, I made shortcuts. By cutting off incorrect/newly adjusted seams, the seam allowance has become a little tighter and the overlock seams have become very uneven … Unfortunately the thread was still white from sewing with the Pom-Pom blouse. But what the hell, I’m the only one who sees the inside work. As closure I wanted to sew in an invisible zipper at the beginning, but I wasn’t sure if it would work with that thick fabric. So this skirt got a very ordinary zipper sewn in concealed.

And finally, I can only say: Jeans bleeds enormously, the water in the washbasin was deep black and damp or rather very wet fabrics are a horror to sew. … Have you ever decided so spontaneously that it would be quite easy to sew a new outfit for the party in two hours?

And with the blouse I have another model for the #VintagePledge2017 and a pattern from a PRAMO is also sewn. I find a blouse of a completely different style in the magazine also quite charming. But first I have a few other models to finish sewing.

Thanks to Dani von Fotospuren and Marco von Mr-Foto from the Fototeam Luzern for the fabulous photo shoot, which was a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to the next shooting and the amazing photos.

Conclusion: Less effort with the blouse than you think when you see all the pom-poms. And the skirt: With a little more time I would probably have been able to make my work a bit better.

Pattern: Blouse: Pramo Special Special Edition from the 60s; skirt: self-constructed according to the Swiss pattern system.

Changes: A little bit of the silhouette at blouse and skirt, but nothing essential

Material: white standard batiste, trimmings 6m, black denim with 5 % elastane

Bluse Pramo mit Posamentborte




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