It’s a Dog’s World – Dog Coat made with McCall’s Pattern

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When I was working on my plaid costume, the idea arose to sew a matching dog coat (not that he would need one). This flash of inspiration from the partner look never left my mind complete. By coincidence I had also received a dog coat pattern with some other patterns: McCalls 4868 – and soon the idea took shape.


The first challenge was to find out what size Bruno wears. He is slender and long (apparent dachshunds anchenstors), but not necessarily the biggest dog. The measuring turned out to be a battle. But finally we found out that he has a back length of 40 cm and a chest circumference of about 60 cm. So he’d fit in a small.

The jacket itself was quickly sewn, because I chose the simplest version without hood or other details (it contains several versions, as well as a dog leash and dog mat). In the back centre I had to insert an additional seam, because it would not have worked out otherwise with the remnants of fabric. Luckily, my mom treasure chest contained a perfectly fitting bias tape and the whole thing was quickly sewn with the universal bias tape foot. Then only the waist belt and the Velcro fasteners had to be sewn on.

The first fitting was a brawl around the coat. Bruno wasn’t very convinced yet, and always tried to take it off. From the fit the little coat sat very well only a little too loose around the chest and belly.

The first walk in the snow was a success. Bruno came back wearing his little coat. And our partner look photo shooting was very action-packed – more about my outfit here.

Fazit: Fast and uncomplicated to sew, perfect to use fabric scaps

Änderungen: none, the next version coul be a little bit longer

Schnitt: McCall’s 4686

Material: scraps from the plaid outfit

Zeit: 1 hour


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