Classic Chic in Tartan

(in Deutsch lesen)

During browsing some Burdas I discovered in the Burda December 2007 issue on page 34 a vintage costume in plaid. A re-released Burda pattern from September 1960. It was love at first sight with the pattern. My mom had just bought a very nice plaid. I asked sweetly if I could get the fabric and soon I had a package from Austria with the fabric.


Plaid is always a challenge. Especially if, as with my plaid, it is not symmetrical (unbalanched or as I call it “evil plaid”). This made the cutting quite tricky. The top was quickly cut, except the sleeves. But the skirt was a real challenge. The skirt is supposed to be cut on the bias. But the plaid was not matching. So the skirt is a little bit of bias. Who cares? And it was not possible to match the fabric on the side seams.

During sewing, I had to, as expected, unravel the seams quite often to get a perfect matching plaid. Due to the linen weave of the fabric, the material distorted fast (not nice). But I successfully defeated the plaid on several sewing evenings. The top was sewn quickly. It had to be made a bit tighter and added darts on the back. The top is complitly lined like jacket


It was necessary to refit the skirt 3(!!!) times. The fabric stretched around the waist. Sometimes I was desperate and had some frustrated discussions with my mom via Skype. Instead of the small originally waistband , I opted for a broad waistband fitted with side darts. But at least the lining of the skirt was a piece of cake.

In the sewing course, the idea came up to sew a dog’s coat matching my check costume. At my parents home I used my fabric scraps to sew a fancy plaid jacket for Bruno (my parents dog). Check here for my sweet dog in a coat pictures.

Conclusion: It may come as a surprise, but I bought more plaid fabric

Changes: Top more fitted, additional darts in the back. Skirt more fitted, broad waistband

Pattern: Burda December 2007, model no 123 or online costume – 60’s style

Material: plaid from a fabric outlet


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